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Hey There!

This is me Pragya Gautam

I'm an Indian girl from a farmer's family, currently living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

I am a YouTuber, Homeschooling mama, Educator & Influencer (just like you, as each of us is in some way). 

Well, I am obsessed with plants, fresh air, an active lifestyle, fresh homecooked food, and most importantly nonfancy comfy clothes living.
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How did it
all get start?

In early 2016 we had moved to Grand Rapids, USA.

Funny story a day before our flight to the USA we heard the news that we are pregnant. As I was so sick in 1st trimester and did not have much to do, I use to consume a lot of content on Google.

Soon after that, we had moved to Mooresville, USA and there I had no social life for time being so I thought to create YouTube videos just to pass my free time on something creative (I have creative bug since birth) & never looked back.

Now I'm an almost 7 figure Online Business Owner which never in my dream I thought I could be even though I was always fascinated with CEO life. 
Being an under-confident girl, I never had the courage to even express that I want to do something of my own even to my parents but here I am... If I can you can 200% too.
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What are all the hats I wear?

I am a very lucky lady of a loving, caring, highly supportive husband Nimish, whole family &  mom of a little girl who is the reason why I work.

Like any other married lady I do wear multiple responsibilities & relationships hats too but I am blessed to have a very uplifting gang around me.

All I am doing is to teach my child that she is not an excuse for me to NOT work. Secondly, to SUPPORT my family financially as being a farmer every year production, income & necessities are different. Thirdly, saving to do a WORLD TOUR someday :)

Oh, I forgot! I am a huge Indian tea addict.
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