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5 REASONS – Why I Choose To Be Minimal

Updated: Aug 8, 2021


There is not 1 for hundreds of reasons why people choose to live minimally and not every reason resonates with it. That is totally okay, all we need is our reasons and vision why we want to do so.

1. CREATING WASTE: Now we are talking about Minimalism more coz we have kind of lost the sense importance of money & things both. A couple of thousands & dollars does not matter for people in a fast fashion which is creating the Humongous amount of waste in the world.

2. YOU LOSE MORE: If you own more of anything, you are probably wasting more money & object chances are you make less use of things which are more than 1 in house. Let's take an example of scissor if you more of it for "just in case" you are more likely to not keep it in the same place always & will lose it all the time.

3. YOU ARE SUPPORTING VIOLENCE: If you are thinking you are getting pieces of items in cheap than you are wrong, it is cheap because they are most likely coming in the market from where the work conditions were so poor, women & girls were rapped & forced to work, sweatshops & children under working age are working to make those pieces instead of going school. Before making any purchase from any brand or any sale do RESEARCH.

4. LESS WORK FOR YOU: Imagine a Minimal lifestyle picture you saw in Google the other day & look at your house now, what do you think? who is wasting more time in cleaning decluttering & arranging? Of course, You! so why not make life simpler by living minimally?

5. YOU SAVE MORE MONEY: When you start living minimally you do not spend on items that are not going to be helpful or sparking joy for only a small period of time. You spend on quality over quantity & that saves a ton of money. If you do not believe me TRY IT for 5 weeks & come back & tell me :)

I do not know about you but we grew up with very limited options in toys, clothes, entertainment, and almost everything. Not because we were poor or production was less, but because we use to value money more & spend in only necessary and quality things only which can severe for decades & spark joy.

List Of 40 Items I Do Not Buy As A Minimalist: http://

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I will be so happy to have your comments & thoughts on today's Blog :). Thanks for being here. Until Next Time be a conscious consumer & Take care


Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams
Jun 13

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deepa ramdeo
deepa ramdeo
Dec 28, 2022

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