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5 Meal Ideas For Picky Eaters

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Being a mom I can understand how frustrating it is to handle picky eaters & kids who do not enjoy eating vegetables. As I was getting so many requests to share my ideas so here I am with 5 Recipes/ Food Ideas For Picky Eaters/ Fussy Eaters. Now without wasting time let’s start.

Written By: Pragya Gautam

1. Veggie Muffins

Gram wheat flour – 1 cup

Semolina – 1/2 cup

Salt & pepper/ chilli per taste

Grated veggies of your choice (Carrot, Cabbage, Zucchini, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Spinach, Peas

OR Just take all veggies & blend it until smooth in the paste so that kids won’t be able to see & guess what it is.

Yogurt (Curd) – 1/4 cup

Mix all the ingredients well & add water if needed to make a muffin batter-like consistency.

Distribute the batter in a muffin tray, Grease with Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Put it in the oven at 180 deg C/ 355 deg F for 20 mins, check-in 15 mins & if not done yet then keep it for another 5 -10 mins.

If you do not have an oven you can use Appe maker or conventional method of making the cake (make a cake instead of muffin & cut it in small pieces).

2. Veggie Pancake/ Chile:

Use the same proportion & Ingredients of Veggie Chile muffin but add little more water to make it a pancake/ dosa batter consistency & make pancakes (chili) out of it with Ghee (Clarified Butter)

3. Cutlet Veggie Wraps:

If you have got extra time than you can make different cutlets in advance for a week & freeze it.

Take Chapati (Roti)/ Tortilla, Spread Ghee & sauce of kids choice, Break a cutlet & spread, Add cheese (Optional) & roll it as a Veggie wrap & Serve.

4. Veggie Khichadi:

Soak 1/4 th cup of washed Moong dal & 1/4 th Rice of your choice for 20 mins

Take the 1 cup veggies of your choice either grate it or make a paste out of it.

In medium flame

heat a pan add Ghee

Cumin seeds

Mustard Seeds

Curry leave (Optional)

add daal & rice

veggie paste or grated veggies

1.5 cup water

Salt & pepper/ green chillies as per taste

& cook until cooked well or 3-4 whistles in a pressure cooker.

5. Green Smoothie:

If you are really worried that your kid is not having enough greens than try giving Yummy Delicious Green Smoothies.

In a Blander add:

1 Ripe banana

Milk of your choice or coconut water

Add a handful of Spinach & Chia seeds (optional)/ or any other as per their choice

Dry fruits/ dry fruits powder (Optional)

Blend it all well 7 sever.

My 3.5-year-old daughter loves it & from the age when she was 2.

I hope you found this blog helpful & 5 Recipes/ Food Ideas For Picky Eaters/ Fussy Eaters Easy. & If YES! then Leave a comment & Subscribe to our website.

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